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Bid Administration

There’s a winning formula to bidding successfully. Glasstep’s experience in this field can substantially improve your chances of winning the contracts that will help your business to grow. We will lead and manage your team to develop and submit large or complex proposals that meet your customer’s needs as well as your business objectives. Then we will present your bid on time and in a format that will take the competition out of the running.

We will achieve this by reviewing the tender documentation and summarizing the deliverables, costs and risks. We will work with your team to develop and write a professional introduction and narrative answers. We will assist development of any documentation that may be required to support your bid and we can administer any cost spreadsheets in accordance with your rates. Finally, we will assemble the final package for you to submit.

  • Contract Administration

  • Do you have a tender to build or contract to negotiate and lack the expertise or the resources to make it happen smoothly with existing staff?

  • Are you concerned you may not fully understand the commitments in the agreement you are signing? 

  • Creating a thorough request for quote/proposal and interpreting complex interdependent commercial terms can be tough and time consuming for someone who doesn’t do them all the time.

    We will also review and summarize incoming agreements and provide negotiating suggestions or negotiate on your behalf.

  • Procurement

    Obtaining new capital, contracting services or streamlining your supply chain can be daunting. Glasstep specializes in securing the best vendors and pricing for you. We will help you obtain new capital, services or identify a new supply chain.

    We can provide short- or long-term support for a specific project or to cover staff shortages.

    We can provide short- or long-term support for a specific project or to cover staff shortages.

    We will work with you to review and rationalize your supply chain to create a procurement plan with identified opportunities and goals. We can coach your team to fulfill those opportunities or we can execute them on your behalf.

    We will work with you to secure the best vendors and ensure that you receive the benefit of all key value opportunities such as: on time delivery, tangible deliverables linked to payment, warranty and ongoing support services. We will develop and assist with the request for bid process by preparing the appropriate request document, managing the tender process, providing bid evaluations and recommendations for award.

  • Project Support

    The fast paced ever changing project environment requires a capable Project Manager. Even the most highly organized individuals require support on larger more complex projects. Glasstep’s project experience combined with contract, purchasing and logistics expertise is ideally suited to support your project from start to finish.

    We will support the project team by summarizing the contract general terms, identifying and administering contract changes, monitoring time & costs, purchasing project requirements, creating progress and completion reports and other administrative tasks as required. 


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